About me (english) Drukuj
niedziela, 04 września 2011 21:37

This website is dedicated to my sport passions. I'm a great fan of Polish football and volleyball. I live in Nysa. It is a town in Opole district, situated close to the Czech Republic. My interest in sport can be divided into three sections:
1. Collecting tickets from football and volleyball games.
2. Stadium tourism, ie. groundhopping.
3. Football stats,  I create my own rankings.
Why have I created my website? It can help me to make new contacts with people sharing my ineterests.  
If you go to the matches of your favourite team, whether it is a national or regional league game, and you do not collect tickets, then save them for me.
If you collect sport's tickets, please contact me if you want to exchange.
Let me know, if you organise a trip to any football match, national or club one. Perhaps I will go with you, and we will share the cost of the trip. I must admit that I usually travel with my wife so let me know if you have two available sits on the bus.
Let me know If you know any cheap accommodation (20-30 zl for 1 night per person in a double room), perhaps I can organize there a football weekend myself, during which I can attend  several games of different leagues.
Let me know if you want to see any matches in Poland or Czech Republic. I can arrange your stay somewhere in the southern part of Poland.